Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Riley is our oldest son. He is the laughter in our home and we are so proud of him. He was recently baptized and he tries hard to choose the right. He is a big helper with his younger siblings and they love him very much. He loves playing soccer, drawing and climbing trees!!!


Noah is our second oldest. He is lucky enough to be the older brother to sisters and the younger brother to Riley. He has been blessed with many talents. He is a quick learner and a drive to succeed already. We love him so much. He likes playing soccer, doing puzzles and reading.

Hali Bug

Hali turned 18 months in July. She is our baby and she has the strongest personality. She's sassy and sweet all at the same time. She loves giving kisses, reading books and digging in purses. She looks the most like her daddy....

Miss Maddie

Miss Maddie is the Sunshine in our family. She loves wearing dresses and anything princess-like . Her favorite color is pink and she is quite passionate about tea parties, baby dolls and lip gloss.